Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Article 4 Summary

for some reason, it won't let me comment on article four, my groups article. so here is the summary:

This article focused on the findings included in the previous chapters of the authors' work.

One of the major findings of the book was that simply having access to the most updated technology does not necessarily mean that people understand how to use the internet or understand the benefits they can derive from it. Instead of asking the question how can we increase access? the authors pose questions about how to increase training and the creation of contact that would interest those groups that are currently not online. On the same level, they argue that technology alone cannot be used to fix many of the "historical inequalities" included in society today, it is simply a tool, not the answer. To help solve some of these inequalities, the authors propose an increased use of community technology centers, in areas around the country, and training for youth, both designed to close some current inequality gaps and prevent new ones from happening. According to the authors, many sectors of society have a vested interest in increasing technology access and knowledge, highlighting their importance. Additionally, although the internet plays a major role in our lives today, the article points out the continued importance of face to face community in today's society. To help increase community training and access throughout the nation, the authors advocate for better policies and stress the importance of starting technology training at a younger age, highlighting primary schools as an important place to start. The authors also stress this technology knowledge will be necessary as kids move into college and the workplace. Lastly, the authors offer suggestions for ways to increase technologies for all members of a community, including working with philanthropic organizations, community organizations and libraries.

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